Our goal is to support youth through nutritious meals, enrichment activities, and employment opportunities for their family members. We use the Whole-Child approach to facilitate growth and learning- starting with healthy meals and snacks delivered weekly! We expect to deliver 3,000,000 meals and snacks to 200,000 households through our network of schools, partner organizations, and participating families.

our goal

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In Colorado, 1 out of 6 children may not always know where their next meal will be coming from. Now, because of COVID-19, thousands of children are not receiving meals they would otherwise receive at school in the Denver Metro Area. To address this need, the Colorado Food Cluster was created to provide free,  culturally relevant, and nutritious prepared meals delivered directly to children in need.


Provides 7 meals for children in need around Denver Metro area


Provides 30 meals meals for children in need around Denver Metro area


Provides 272 meals meals for children in need around Denver Metro area

$50,000 DONATION

Provides 13,500 meals meals for children in need around Denver Metro area




Founded in 2017, Bondadosa is a social enterprise that harnesses the power of Colorado's community of producers, growers, and small businesses. We serve as the front line in the fight against food injustice by utilizing technology to build a better distribution network. We also support emerging startups focused on agriculture and sustainable transportation.


We increase health equity with Denver neighborhoods by rescuing high-quality, fresh produce and perishable foods that would otherwise be thrown away by grocery stores, farmers markets, and produce distributors. With the help of our amazing volunteers, the food we rescue is delivered (often biked!) to Denver neighborhoods for direct distribution at No Cost Grocery Programs (NCGPs).  NCGPs are co-created with existing community organizations like schools, recreation centers, and nonprofits that are already established and trusted within the neighborhood, decreasing transportation barriers.


Founded in 2006, Revolution Foods is committed to social justice by transforming citywide wellness and making healthy, chef-crafted, culturally relevant and dignified food accessible to all. The company’s innovative approach began with serving freshly prepared, healthy meals to students in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, the company designs, produces and delivers over 2 million meals per week to various sites across 18 states, including community feeding programs, childhood education centers, districts, charter schools, and after school youth programs.

The PEACE Collective 

Is a new coalition committed to building the social, political, and cultural power of leaders of color with the mission of building a school system where all children thrive and achieve a high-quality education. As a public collective, we believe in centering racial equity and the voice of community in all that we do! Community led and mission driven work will help us provide access to quality education for ALL communities that can radically transform what learning looks like in Colorado.



If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Please text us at the following number for immediate response.

Interested in delivering food? Fill out the following form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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Disclaimer: Colorado food Cluster has been diligent in ensuring participants are ONLY receiving the designated CACFP meals served by the Colorado Food Cluster from one program state provider. It is the recipient's responsibility to communicate participation in other agencies' meal programs authorized under the Russel B. Richard National School Lunch Act and disenroll in the program implemented by the Colorado Food Cluster.

The Colorado Food Cluster is fiscally sponsored by Denver Food Rescue a registered non-profit with the state of Colorado.